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Marie Menini | 

Tel: +33

E-mail: marie@digitalperformer.fr


Darwin, 87 quai de Queyries 33000 Bordeaux

Coopétic, 7 rue de Palestro 75002 Paris

A member of SheSaidSo


A digital performer helps you to conduct your digital marketing strategy and action plan with creativity and agility. I provide my clients with a content marketing approach in order to single out their brands within the digital jungle and optimize their tools and editorial workflow. When needed, I team up with specific talents (curators, copywriters, designers, SEO consultants, media agents, grants applications, etc.).

Turn your digital marketing into a digital performance.


Guiding you through
each step of your development.

  • social media audit analysis

  • marketing digital audit

  • digital marketing/communications strategy & action plan

  • community building & development

  • crowdfunding campaign

  • reporting

  • analysis, research & benchmark

  • digital ethics & green Web

  • brand identity on Web and social media, editorial guidelines

  • content marketing

  • setting up content management tools (iconography, calendars, editorial workflow, creation of digital assets)

  • curation of news, articles and contents

  • copywriting, SEO writing for websites and online stores

  • creating images/videos, drafting text messages for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter

  • drafting e-mails

  • creating contests

  • creating or managing websites and online stores

  • content strategy for social media

  • creating on-demand training programs

  • managing editorial content and their distribution online 

  • moderation on social media/blogs 

  • distribution of emailing campaigns

  • retargeting campaigns through emails, Facebook pixel and Google Adwords

  • e-influence campaigns with blogers & instagramers (e-RP)

  • data anlysis and reporting


Sylvain Gorin / Responsable Nouvelles Technologies & Multimedia, Palais de la Porte Dorée

“Her recommendations on editorial contents and reporting have been
of a great help to strengthen the performance of our publications and their reach.”